The Last Wish

if I try to describe this
silence, no voice over my head
silence, no authority instead
my point of view became a hiss

and if I try to utter the word
fight, is what I've been doing
fight, no more battle and fighting
the blue have reached my lonely world

that we should keep our promises
I know that proverb far too well
and I saw the tiring battle so well
maybe my hope already faithless

all the blood and sweat I tear
and those of them in my skin
my sword fell, shield running thin
the ground is near, but I feel no more fear

if there is death between lives
if there is lie between deeds
I want them to know I fought hard

if there is doubt between steps
if there is tear between sins
I want them to know I believe

if there is Love in world
then I've seen it


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