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I runway from my life
Hope that i can find the paradise
But i think it so hard
I am going to the hell

Maybe i take a wrong way
But no way back to star again
My distination still so far
And too fast if i think to going home

I just wanna do
Work for life not life for work
just wanna find the new place
Where can i life
All i wanna want
Where I can get the better life
For anything that i do
I wanna make it true

Sometime i feel so alone
And no one here to tell
I am finally now believe the feel
Couse it so hard
Couse it's so far

By Aslam Yusuf


When my mother was born I do not know
every year to grow my children who are hungry for love
passed more passes
I own no accompanying

But then I found you
take care, look after me, love me
My happy with your
very happy

You should call my aunt my mother
I was sad when you are gone
today was my day so lonely without you
Did aunt want you to be my mother?

Aunt said "anytime may call mom"
I was amazed to hear
my day filled with fun day
until you are old and frail

Until the end of life
mother will still love me
in time, wherever and whenever
I'm proud of you .. my mother's aunt

By : Nofrita Negoro


A Never Die Hero
A teacher is a hero
Without a strings attached
They are candles in the dark
We could have an open mind because the strands of a teacher
Our souls can be wide because the advice of a teacher
They are heroes in a world
They are simple and promising calmness
Always be water in the desert
Always be a light in the middle of the night
We all need you
We will not be able to change the world without you
Our kids are poisoned without you
The teacher is a guide
They are a symbol of resurrection
They are a basic for education
Teachers are heroes

A Deep Meaning of Friendship

Friendship is like the two rings that have different shapes
But can be combined with a very strong sense
Friendship is just a word
But it has a deep meaning
We’ll feel it when actually find
A continued friend in a life
Friendship has always been an oasis when we experience sadness
Friendship is always a joy to be complementary
A day without friends is very strange
Months without friends are very painful
True friends will always be missed
Talks will continue to be memorable
Easy to get a rich friend
But hard getting a forever friend
Because a true friend is not for a reason


You’re here, But I’m afraid to speak

Such intelligence is intimidating.
Though I wouldn’t speak at such High level in your presence,
I feel something that I haven’t felt in centuries.
Your costume used to matter.
Your costume isn’t important anymore.
I’m looking into you now.
Yes I know your color, and I know your dreams.
Insane we might say, but we are afraid.
Such is divine to all.
And it’s oblivious in your world.
Only if you knew
How your words move through me..
Slow and cold.
How your windows pierce through screens and fake masks.
I would clap louder.. but My hands would Bleed.
Then Again..
You deserve such sacrifice.

by Kelly Emil Bergey

A Burning Fire

In a silent breeze
A silent cry screaming wind
A wondering voice
From a old women
A silent
Delightful voice from
Someone who cares
A blind women
Senses her way through a narrow path
A winding willow near the bright blue

by Katherine Eillen Weisbrod

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