How are you doing sunshine?

Still I admire you up to now

Loyalty, truth and trust

Don’t you know what is going on there?

Lord the almighty

Could you please always keep them?

Even raining or dray, give them your blessing

Although my feeling is hurt

They smiled at me with their deepest heart

Please let them to cheer

Here I am, without any abilities, except praying

Someday when the ray shiny

I’ll come back to them for a while

How do you do sunshine?

Peace be upon to you

My best for them

Big Dragon

In the corner of this city

Just in front of the rail station

It was just too early if the birds which usually sing gone home.

When I was child, a train for me was similar to a big dragon.

With patient I wait for that to pass and I run after it

Nowadays almost every single hour I heard and see people and I commute by it

I miss my childhood, a pax where I could yell and scream loudly to the big dragon.

I miss my past, an era where I may spoilt about anything I like.

In the corner of this city, one train drop the passengers by

Then soon left me, who could not scream anymore alone

I am in front of the station still.

Do not ignore me my big dragon, come to see me please.


Neither do I can recognize

When the blur covering your face

Neither do I could understand

Why and when the dilemma ended

As if life is a roller coaster

Someday you might find yourself

Far away and remote just above the blue sky

But then dramatically fall just beneath the sea

Please do not face-off

Just walk tall, so you can stand

Otherwise this journey would exhausted you

Neither do I can deny

That you just play the role

In the game in which no body unbreakable

Believe yourself, you are what you are

No need to fear.

Holy Pinky

One year ago when the first time we meet each other
Nothing words and nothing sentences from my mouth
You are the one, who none can be you if not you
So natural so unpredictable
You go when all of us want to see you are smiling
Then you come when all of us are give up to invite you
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is still in the God’s hand
We are really honor to welcome you
Being a part of this community, being a part of our story
Pinky changes sadness into happiness
Pinky makes darknees so shines
Pinky will always tune on our hearts

If you realise, all of people need another people, then why should you let pinky so colourly but lonely, no, company that pinky with your red, with your green, white, black, blue and all colour that you got, cause it’s a mercy, one thing that you can’t deny

Oh pinky I have nothing to give you,,,thank you for your everything
Come on tell me….who could be so pinky if not u
So please answer me, who is the most pink?
Today we left much stories behind us
From this moment life has begin
From this moment I want you to be happy everytime as you happy as tonight
Let pinky blossom today and forever
This wild world sometime make us don’t remember another
Only think that we are the one, we are the wonderful one..
Because of you too pinky we always have an inspiration
Just like this poem, just like this poetry I made
I know that all of you know, who is that pinky

A holy pinky,,,,happy birthday may Allah bless you always

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